Drug Wastage

Following these simple steps will help make sure that you use your medicines safely, get the most out of them and help to prevent waste. When ordering your repeat prescription, please use your GP’s online ordering system or use the most recent repeat prescription request form. Check the medicines you already have at home before you order so that you only order the medicines you need. It is important not to stockpile medicines at home If you are using a repeat prescription request form then cross out the medicines that you don’t need (you will still be able to order them in the future) and record the number of items ordered.

Remember to sign and date the form.

If you are picking up medicines from your pharmacy and you realise that you have ordered items that you don’t really need, give these back before leaving. You prescription can be adjusted accordingly.

A yearly medication review by your GP will help make sure that the medicines you are taking are still helping you

Your local pharmacist can help you with practical advice about your medicines such as how to manage potential side-effects or how to take your medicines effectively for example time of day or with food

Excessive medicines at home may be a safety risk to you and others

The medicines may be out of date, may no longer be appropriate for your medical condition or may lead to you taking too much medication

As a patient or carer you are the best person to order the correct amount of repeat medicines as you can check what is needed before ordering.

If you lose your repeat prescription request slip, your GP practice receptionist can print another for you.