When We Are Closed

When our surgery is closed, there are medical services available for emergencies at all times. This service is only for very urgent and serious problems, not for routine issues that are normally managed with daytime appointments or that can wait until normal opening times. If you need help when we’re closed, call 111, which is a free number you can use anywhere in the country.

When you call 111, a team of trained advisors and experienced nurses will review your condition and guide you to the best local healthcare option. This could be your regular GP, a doctor available after hours, Accident & Emergency (A&E), an urgent care centre, an emergency dentist, or a pharmacy that’s open late.

Please remember that the out-of-hours service is only for urgent issues. It is not to be used for a second opinion or for issues that can wait until the next working day. If you have a minor health problem, consider visiting your local pharmacy, where they can offer assistance or direct you to the right place.

In a real emergency, like chest pain or trouble breathing, call 999.

If you or someone you know is going through a mental health crisis or a life-threatening situation, call 999 or go to the emergency room (A&E) immediately. Mental health emergencies are just as serious as physical ones. If you’re feeling like you might act on suicidal thoughts or have seriously hurt yourself, don’t hesitate to call 999 or go to the emergency room (A&E) if you’re concerned about your safety.”

EMERGENCY INFORMATION – If there is a health emergency, please call ” 9 9 9 ” for an ambulance – click here for more information

NON-URGENT INFORMATION – If you need non urgent medical advice out of hours when the surgery is closed please call ” 1 1 1 ” – click here for more information